About us

The organization, known as ” Midland Masters Throwers Group”, MMTG, in its short form, was set up in October, 2005. (Constitution adopted on 17.10.05).

The purpose of the organization, is to foster athletic throws competition of all types in the Midlands for Midlands throws athletes. As of the summer of 2006, we will accept entries from all over the UK, and ‘further’ a field.

The first Chairman, secretary, treasurer, Clive Howell, had for a period of time been trying at different points to get his local area club, MVAC, to have the ‘weight’ included at league meetings, introduce a ‘weights’ pentathlon championships, and latterly, change the name of MVAC to MMAC.

Now, no criticism of the committee, but it was thought by them, that these other events / ideas were “lacking in support” and or no time to ‘fit in ‘, or damaging to stadium surfaces etc. Anyway, a total negative response. At some stage  (“MVAC”. to “MMAC”.), was put to the committee ,- I am reliably told and was passed by two votes.

The paragraph above, shows the reluctance of the Midlands to facilitate such events as others as well as I had experienced over a number of years, “down south”, or increasingly further a-field. Events such as the one’s mentioned, had been taking place in the Midlands since the 1990’s (Stoke and Burton for example), so I was determined we should have this form of competition in the Midlands, and on a ‘regular’ basis . During the summer of 2005 I sounded out fellow athletes/officials on forming some form of throws organization to ‘rival’ a similar one in the south and this generated a lot of interest initially, ” the seeds were sown”!!!

Clive decided to set up an organization, along similar lines, in some respects to that which exists in south-east England. In meetings and phone conversations with Phil Owen, (an excellent masters athlete, event organizer/commentator and friend), we jointly arrived at the name of the association, MMTG. Phil suggested I get in touch with Hugh Richardson, from Leeds, a renowned masters throws athlete, retired solicitor, and President of the WTC.

It soon became obvious in conversations with Hugh, that MMTG., could become a viable organization,  and Hugh came on board as first President. In the first year, he was THE donor of major funds, needed to set up the organization. During the first year he donated some equipment, and his legal brain and advice was vital to Clive, as he set up the infra- structures, needed to get (the) MMTG., up and running. Hugh donated further cash as the season progressed, and his experience and ability will be vital to the organization, for many years to come! It should be noted that other members donated funds, or gifts (or both) as the season progressed but now, as then, they wish to remain anonymous.

Clive Howell became first Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer. Chris Brackstone, became first results officer. Phil Owen acting as publicity officer, a role he continues to perform to this day. “Meetings” as described to members at the first AGM of 08.04.06, due to large recruitment area were to be undertaken by letter, phone , e-mail and hopefully in the future, by web conference. Any major decisions are to be minuted by the secretary, and be presented to members at the next AGM. At this first AGM, (Will until further notice always follow annual ‘weight pentathlon champs’.), members unanimously re-elected Hugh, Clive, and Chris to positions already held. Also, they were awarded ‘Life Membership’, for their efforts, (which they will continue to perform for the foreseeable future).

At this meeting the following were also elected to serve on the committee, Phil Owen (Publicity), Jean Howell (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer), John Wild (Membership Liaison). Later in the year, Phil, due to other commitments, decided not to take such an active role in athletics, but it was thought his continued contributions were worthy of recognition, and he has since been awarded the status of ‘Honorary’ member.

The first seasons MMTG organized meetings went well (results published elsewhere in 2006). “Hub’s”, did not materialize BUT hopefully will do, as their usefulness becomes apparent, in the future!

NOW, Fundraising! A lot of effort was put in by the committee in raising funds (organization of); as we rely on this to part fund the competitions we are putting on, to achieve our other aims. Entry fees and donations alone, do not cover the full cost of putting on meetings. It is vital that members help as much as they can in this regard, for although we do not exist to make a profit, we do not exist to make a loss either! If you are a member reading this PLEASE do your best with this, as this is an expensive sport to put on and administer in the fullest sense. If you are a non- member but like and are supportive of our aims (which includes giving all men and women aged 35 to 100+ athletic throws competition and encourage progression from domestic, to national and international competition), and you would like to sponsor MMTG, PLEASE CONTACT the SECRETARY. Any size of sponsorship on a one off or annual basis would very useful and would be put to good use.

Also, if you would like to take part, join, no policy of ‘you are too old’ (banned by law, soon?), absolutely no problem whatsoever regarding your age, and never will be! You must have a certain level of fitness and agree not to compete if not fit to do so, BUT apart from this, I say again, ANY AGE!! One of the benefits reported by members, (due to friendship, increased fitness and well being), is that of LONGEVITY, which we all know makes sense!!

In line with Europe we also allow at times m/w 15,17,19, and m/w aged up to 35. This may upset some purists, but it is felt by the committee, to offer progression, experience, and success at these events throughout an athletes sporting life, and as such should not be denied to an athlete just because they are under 35 years of age.

Policies and standpoints of the MMTG: 
With regard to various issues (including competition judging policy), elsewhere on this site or contact Sec. We, at MMTG consider that we are already achieving one of our aims; to be a major throws organization in the UK. We are recognized by the BMAF, and we are affiliated to a number of other athletic organizations, we accept both national and international competitors at any MMTG meeting.

Whilst we will work with other organizations, we are totally independent of ALL other athletic organizations. The President and Chairman, wish it to be known that this will always’ remain so!!!
See ‘EVENTS’ for MMTG., organized competitions, in 2007-08.

In 2008, we will begin to operate what will be our full programme, things are looking ‘bright’,- WATCH THIS SPACE!

We hope at MMTG., that over the years this ‘ARCHIVE’ will be added to, and hope it has given you some idea of how we were set up and ‘What we are about’. The current secretary has all archive material relating to the ‘constitution’, methods of funding, equipment suppliers, athlete details, AGMs, Impedimenta data, and so on and this can be accessed by members, with the permission of BOTH President and Chairman.

(01 DEC.2007)
In the season 2006-07, MMTG became quite well established,- so that by December ’07, the membership card numbers issued were in the 50+ range. More competitions were organized than the previous year and meetings were beginning to be well supported as regards both entries and quality of entries,- to such an extent that numerous Club, British and for some (More than you may think if you explore the appropriate section of the website!!!) World Records have been set by members. Due to the organizational powers that be at MMTG and the support and generosity of the members of MMTG we are on a firm financial ‘footing’ and have been able to purchase or obtain such equipment, that we are (part of our original mission) able to undertake almost all types of throws competitions, and loan or hire equipment to other clubs or organizations,- within reason. That Midland throws athletes be exposed to these competitions and progress, is highly gratifying both to members and to the officers of MMTG.The future does look bright for MMTG, and as this entry to the archive is closed the entry of the 2007-08 season should see us progress to yet another level of endeavour and achievement.In the course of the 2006-07 season for his own quite valid reasons, Chris Brackstone resigned as results officer. This position has been filled by the undoubted abilities of the Chairman’s wife,- Jean. As I personally know Jean perhaps better than anyone,- I can say MMTG has made a good choice. Chris is still a good friend to MMTG and helps in matters relating to IT,- which we at MMTG (and myself personally), are grateful for.
Clive S.S.Howell-Chairman MMTG-(02.12.07))

(06 DECEMBER 2008)
During the season 2007-08,- the membership has grown to 70+ and during the season a full programme of events has been successfully completed. Apart from minor additions and alterations,-MMTG should continue to flourish. The compliment of Officers of MMTG has seen some changes- with Graham Middleton becoming Vice-Chairman and IT officer,-Adrian Thiemicke as Auditor and Martin Roberts becoming Treasurer. A number of Club, British and World best performances have been set by members and I would on behalf of the committee like to congratulate all concerned. There will be some increases in entry fees this next year due to inflated costs but these it is felt are still at a reasonable level and still good value for money.2008-09 has already begun and during this season we expect to repeat the fixtures as last year and so on into the future- the only changes being those requested by members and a ‘Mini-Highland Games’- (with optional kilts!!) type event on the agenda, for two to three years time.This event which is likely to be an annual event is likely to include ’56lb.’ Hammer, Scottish shafted Hammer throw, Ultra- stone throw (50kg.),-’56lb.’ for height and yes if I can get them made,-Caber toss!!-the fairer sex throwing for example 12.5kg./28lb or 25kg. ultra-stone as is their wish.Obviously, we shall need to build up funds to purchase some of this equipment and I will begin to look into the ‘new’ project next year. I think it is then fair to say that MMTG has achieved its mission in providing athletic throws competition of ALL types for Midlands Throws Athletes right here in the MIDLANDS!!! The reason for not opting for a 112lb. ish ‘braemar’ type stone is due to our alignment with Europe and my personal view that some aspects of MMTG competitions should be uniquely BRITISH (and hopefully setting a new standard format!?),- not strictly a copy of either the Scottish or European formats. (Clive S.S. Howell- Chairman MMTG-(06.12.08))

(06 December 2009)
During the season 2008-09,- membership was in the low 80’s and many more fixtures have been added to the fixture list to that that was the case when we were founded in 2005. All these fixtures have been well supported and in the new year we will roll out the fixtures from our fixture list so that there is hardly a calendar month when one or another MMTG or British Championship is being  contested for under MMTG organization and control. Iam pleased to say that in 2010,- we shall be putting on an annual ‘Throwerama’ in March and the planned for MMTG Midland Highland Games will take place in July (and in some form annually) thereafter. Members will have noticed that we have a number of Sunday fixtures in 2010,- this is in response to requests from some of our friends down south who in the past could not compete due to some league or other, on a Saturday. In 2009,  (see website index page) we absorbed ‘The British Throwers Club’,- so that we now are without doubt the ‘Premier’ masters throws and special throws organization within the UK and would compare with the best in Europe and in all likelyhood anywhere else for that matter,-in terms of organization , quality of competition, organisation of competition at any venue, quality and accuracy of throwing equipment, and importantly results which are accurate and can be relied on to be so. 2010, is shaping up to be an excellent year for MMTG organized competitions.
(Clive S.S. Howell-Chairman MMTG-(06.12.09))

(03 December 2010)
In the season 2009-10,- membership is about 90 and the fixtures alluded to above have taken (see results-2010) place and will run now each year. I have to tell members that due to government cuts our base at Northwood may be affected in the future and we will perhaps be seeking a new base to stage some of our competitions. This will hopefully not happen in the short term but we will be looking into such a move should the need arise .The surge of entries from the south-east, did not materialize in 2010, so we have gone back to our format of Saturday fixtures in 2011. The extreme weather this year has meant we have cancelled the  annual December fixture this year. If I recall correctly,- this is the first time since MMTG was formed, that this has happened and hopefully it will not happen much in the future. I am pleased to inform members that we are now very well equipped (impedimenta wise) and that we are able to put on any throw or multi-throw competition that exists on the planet,- let alone the Midlands! It looks like 2011 is going to be another good year for MMTG,- with success and fulfillment for members taking part in MMTG organized competitions.
(Clive S.S. Howell-Chairman & ORGANIZER MMTG(03.12.10))

(13 December 2011)
In the season 2010-2011, – membership is about 100 and our fixtures have resulted
in our members setting many club, British and several World records in the non standard throwing events,- which is pleasing to all concerned with our organization. In 2012 we shall be putting on the first WTC World Championship (with others likely to follow) event organized by MMTG,- The WTC World Hammer Decathlon Championships. We hope for representation from all over the world at this meeting. It remains to be seen if the global ‘fix’ we find ourselves in is reflected in entrant numbers to this and ALL events organized by MMTG.
We shall need to purchase even more high specification equipment to put on these meetings and so it is important that members both compete and if possible buy a lottery ball for next year to enable us to make these purchases. Also we will be looking towards getting sponsorship to defray some of our costs. We have made a full move of base to Derby during the season and our new base in my opinion is so good that it will accommodate us putting on meetings world class in nature,- the staff and facilities being first class.
From January 2012, ALL entrants members or not MUST comply with entry procedures,- failure to do so and in all cases and without exception you will not be entered.
It should be noted that all should reference MMTG policies which may be found soon on the index page of the MMTG website,- there are no excuses for not making note of these – non compliance is not an option if you wish to compete at any MMTG organized event.
Finally, I have co-authored the 2012 edition of the WTC book of rules. This book is the definitive document concerning all non standard throws that exist in the world.
It contains new events and specifications most of which will be on our fixture list (or used right away) at the latest by 2014. Hugh Richardson the President and I have agreed that any profits above our costs will be donated to MMTG funds.
2012,- looks like being another excellent year for MMTG and its organized competitions and we look forward to seeing all current and future members supporting and benefiting from our extensive first class programme of events.
Clive S.S. Howell, (Vice-President WTC, Chairman & ORGANIZER -(13.12.11))

(04 December 2012)
During this year MMTG has enjoyed a year of outstanding success. In January the 2012 version of the WTC rule book was published (Co-authored by Hugh Richardson and myself). It contained new events invented by myself to include the ‘BRITISH’ Hammer Decathlon Championships ( contested in November this year) and the BRITISH Highland Games Decathlon Championships to be contested initially in July 2013. The sales went well with all profits to MMTG funds. Financially MMTG is on an even keel and two WTC WORLD Championship events were organized by me for the first time ( The WTC World 56lb. Championships in April and in September (partially lottery funded) The WTC World Hammer Decathlon Championships). These events were well received with 15 new World records set in the Hammer Decathlon alone , – which is very gratifying to all concerned. Fixtures went well and our provision of the motto, – “We inspire all generations” was to the fore throughout the season.
Next year as well as the usual fixture list I have included an exciting new event, – RASENKRAFT (lawn power) in January as well as the WTC European 56lb. Championships and Hammer Decathlon Championships. Our membership is in excess of 100 members and our ongoing mission to provide competition (now of all the 40+ throwing events (that exist in the World) which are usually of the non standard type in the main)) and including World Class events continues right here in the Midlands. For a long time may it be so with members and others support. 2013 looks like yet another excellent year in prospect.
Clive S.S. Howell (Vice-President WTC and MMTG (04.12.12))

(28 December 2013)
This year has been rewarding to all concerned. Despite changes of some venues because of the refurbishment at Derby,- MMTG has put on almost all fixtures we expect each year and 2014 should see ALL our fixtures taking place at our base in Derby.
From January to December with the exception of October,- at least one fixture at either club , British or World Championship level will take place at our base at DE24 9HY (UK) !!
We all look forward to 2014 and as a national organization should all be proud that MMTG is the only organization that can put on ALL the events through our fixture list. MMTG is the only organisation of its type in the World (due to our World Regulatory Body – The WTC) , that can or does this, – right here in the midlands and here in the UK!!!
Clive S.S. Howell (Vice-President WTC , Founder and Joint President MMTG 28.12.13))