An amazing weekend  across the board !

Apologies for lack of pictures  website not playing .

A massive well done to all the athletes that competed , we had 27 competing athletes which was an excellent turnout , across 4 days and 4 pools .

Thank you to the Legend that is Alan Dean chief set up officer, without whom the events simply would not take place . To Mark and Emma who’s first time at our events as officials , we hope to see you in the future , and to all the friends and parents for helping and supporting all .

There were 8 WORLD RECORDS and 2 unofficial World Bests !

Day one

Some true throwing legends took part , and their enthusiasm and passion as well as ongoing banter were excellent . Especially Ian Miller shouts of Achtung !

WR BARRY HAWKSWORTH M70 7803 points equally Jack Kee 2010,

Barry performed with his usual professionalism and controlled aggression , with several highlights he threw the 2k over the 60m mark 60.89m and a huge 22.39m with the 5k weight . I’m sure the record will be broken next year .

WR ROS HUTTON W70 4060 points

Ros had a great day performing consistently throughout,  and making the long trip from the south west coast well worthwhile .

Clive and Dan completed day one of their Double Decathlon, Dan posted a Pb of M40 5368 points.

Day two

With a fantastic turnout , of young and new athletes the day was filled with high expectations and performances.

A special mention must go to Jason Elworthy M45 / F38 Barry & Vale , who became the first ever Para athlete to compete in a Hammer Decathlon and he performed remarkably, with a excellent performance the highlight being 2.56m with the 25.4kg weight .

WR BEKKI ROCHE W15 5034 points

Bekki smashed the old record by well over a 1000 points , with some truly amazing throws , she threw all implements to a high level finishing with a massive 13.27m with the 12.5kg weight.

WR DANNY GRACIE M15 5907 points

Danny broke the record by over 500 points to achieve a fantastic new score . His performances were all extremely strong , his hammer throwing was phenomenal, however he came into his own with the weight throws , hitting an enormous 26.23m with the 5kg and a massive 16.03m with the 12.5kg nearly as far as he threw the 9.08kg.


Annabelle a regular at all hammer decathlon events , and holding the old record , came so close last year in a torrential rain , however smashed it this year by over 300 points . Performance of day was 70.18m with the 2kg hammer .

WR MIKE BOMBA M30 9118 points

Mike achieved the biggest score in history !! And well and truly beat the record by Amir Williamson . Mike performed at a high level through the day , from 73.99m with the 5kg hammer and a huge 52.86m with 9kg !!! Then onto some truly world class performances with the heavy weights.

WR TRACEY GOULD W40 3828 points

Tracey beat the previous record by over 500 points in her first WTC/MMTG event we hope to see her at many more.

Clive and Dan completed their second decathlon to become the first athletes to ever complete a DOUBLE HAMMER DECATHLON!!! Unfortunately fatigue caught up with them towards the end of day two .

Well done to all athletes , officials, and volunteers !

See you all in November.

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