In Memoriam

JOE NAGLE:  02 JUNE 1969 – 16 AUGUST 2012

Joe is a sad loss to the throwing World. Born in Dublin, Ireland,- he was a sensitive lad who despite some troubles at the age of six, developed from his youth into adulthood to become a special gentle man.

His talents for throwing events really brought him to the fore and he represented Ireland as an International in places as far flung as China and in WTC events,-Hungary.

Joe came from a large family and he had relatives who were interested in sport, particularly boxing I recall in conversations with him. Joe was very proud of his relatives success in sport also. He also seemed to have cousins in both Ireland and Northern Ireland and relatives in the Birmingham area. This was fortunate since he supported the Aston Villa soccer team.

He was one of the first members of MMTG, and was renowned for turning up (for competitions) slightly late (after the overnight ferry from Dublin, followed by bus/train) at our former base in Stoke (Northwood). He always charmed everyone with his devilish Irish brogue and was always seen approaching in Irish kit, replete with ruck sack! From this ruck sack or kit bag one would find his food and biscuits emerge and usually unsolicited gifts to my wife, myself and others, generosity so characteristic of this talented man.

As a ‘Throws Athlete’ he favoured the heavier throwing events. At these events he was very good indeed. Over the years I have had many chats with Joe , usually over a beer in Ireland, the UK, (including Jersey) and Hungary. Our conversations encompassed most subjects from political to family. Thinking back I recall driving to a competition in St. Helier, and as we drove along there would be Joe walking along the pavement in full Irish kit, ready to go! In Tata in 2009 (WTC Weldmeistershaften [World Championships]) a number of competitors enquired of Joe, since they were worried about the prospect of facing him in competition. They thought he was British, and I told them that ” ,…,No, he is Irish and you had better watch out in the Super Heavy Weight throw (his forté),…”

There are many such anecdotes regarding Joe which MMTG members and others on the World Throwing Scene will recall with fondness.

In April 2012, Joe won the WTC World (M40) 56lb. putt title at Derby, and he was very proud of this.

By chance in June 2012, I thought,…,’have not heard from Joe lately, give him a call ,..’. I was answered by Joe who was in St. James Cancer Hospital in Dublin. Nobody in Ireland knew at the time but they soon got in touch and some attended his wedding to Sarah. It is sad for me to recall that I phoned on the 13th. of August, spoke to Sarah, who then allowed me to speak to Joe and it was sadly obvious he was not going to be much longer in this World.

Joe’s family must be comforted by the fact that he (Joe) had met and experienced the wonder of love from his beloved Sarah. Our thoughts at WTC and MMTG will always be of gratitude towards Joe , knowing him was to know both a gentleman and gentle man.

Clive S.S. Howell

(Vice-President WTC and MMTG)

[07 November 2012]



It is with regret that I have to report the death of Steve in somewhat unexplained
circumstances on Tuesday. He leaves a wife, Nikola and two sons aged 8 and 9
years. All involved with the WTC and MMTG here in the UK would like to offer
Nikola, her sons and families our sincere regrets at their sad loss.

The picture above shows Steve in action on his way to an M35 (WR) in the Hammer
Decathlon on 03.09.11 at Derby.

Steve as a youngster was already a gifted thrower. As I recall at our base in Derby
during one of our competitions he said he had won the English schools Hammer
title there.

He was briefly a member of MMTG in 2010 and 2011 and also as a young coach
brought along some of his athletes to compete at MMTG events. His performances
along with his athletes were of a high standard.

At MMTG meets he competed for Doncaster AC. Steve still holds a number of British
records in our non standard throwing (annual), series of events. As well as this he will
be particularly remembered for his 2011 , – M35 (WR) in the Hammer Decathlon.

Further results of Steve’s can be found should you wish to interrogate the results and
statistics page on our website or our results archive.

Sadly,  due to various reasons his interest ‘fell away’ with regard to throwing from an
MMTG perspective.

He is a sad loss to the world of athletic throwing events.

Clive S.S. Howell

(Vice-President WTC , President MMTG)

[16 March 2016]