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This article brings together points regarding membership and participation in MMTG organized events, elsewhere or previously published by MMTG.

As has been said in our mission statement we were set up in the Midlands for Midlands throws athletes. TRUE, but we do, will, and are accepting entries from all over the UK and internationally. We will by next year be providing the variety along with the quality and standard of competition already in existence.

We would particularly like our friends in Northumbria, Cumbria, Yorkshire and the North-west to consider taking part and joining, as you will find the quality and standard, as second to none. Also it is not too far to travel in a day, or stay the night and explore the areas around the various venues you will not be disappointed!

It may interest you to know that two of our valued members have made the round trip in a day from Southampton to compete and a good time was had by all!! So come on you lads and lasses aged 35-100+, what are you waiting for !? Also, we have as valued members a daughter and Mum and a son and Dad aged 40+ and 70+, who compete regularly, and long may it be so!!
Our constitution allows membership at 18, and purists may not agree but in line with Europe and sanctioned by the WTC we allow participation in most of our events (provided they are a member of a club – it is an insurance issue) by m/w 13, m/w 15, m/w 17, m/w 19, m/w, m/w 35. It is our opinion that athletes should be given the opportunity to take part in these events (cautiously at first) throughout their athletics career and should not be restricted to athletes 35 or over age wise.

We also allow participation for u20’s in the Weight Pentathlon and Throwers Decathlon. However, an age weighting factor has not been determined by MMTG or anyone else as far as is known at present and so Clive Howell has allocated certain age ranges already in existence to suffice for points purposes and as such they can only be used ‘locally’ for record purposes, until Chris or Clive or both or somebody else decides what these factors should be this seems enough for the moment, finding the time to sort this issue is the problem, maybe next year?
Funding where we don’t want to make a profit or a loss is a recurrent issue, see elsewhere on website or contact the secretary, but our aim is to keep entry fees and so on, in an expensive sport, at a reasonable level. As such membership has been set at £6 for 2007 and £10 for 2007/08 (set at AGM 2006), also and this is hoped to be the last increase (apart from inflation!) at the AGM of 2008 a level of subs. of £12 (due Oct. 1st. each year), was set by members – which if you look around is still ‘peanuts’!!

The classic ‘Greek Discus Thrower’ emblem and the organizations colours blue and red (even enameled on medals from 2007) are individually or in conjunction to be taken (since 2005) as symbols of (the) “Midland Masters Throwers Group”, until further notice.

Finally, if you are a master’s throws athlete, and you like what you have read here, why not join if you have not already done so? One of the benefits reported by master’s athletes is longevity!! Now that does make sense!
(C.S.S.H. (06 March 2007))