NEWS: British Throwers Decathlon Gallery

A fantastic day in the Sun today in Derby , a massive thanks to Alan Dean for being not only set up manager , but chief official , judge , motivator and budding thrower thanks Al. Also to Jayne at Derby AC thanks for your cold beverages and helping us through  the day .

Well done to all athletes with a day littered with PBS and SBS , the first time in along time we have had fine weather which was conducive to good performances.

Special mention to Steve Pomeroy M55 in his first MMTG event, posted the best score of the day and also into the British all time top ten ! Well done Steve . He also won the Marathon Prize awarded by the President.

Also Dave Kuester M70 and Dan Upton M40 who made it into the British all time list, both with massive PBS . And Alec Taylor M45 who threw the Club a Massive 54.93 within touching distance of the British record.

Well done all , see you all in July !


IMG_3225 IMG_3238 IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3251 IMG_3258 IMG_3263 IMG_3269 IMG_3278

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